Terms & Conditions

Last Updated April 20, 2022. Subject to change without notice.


By using this website and/or ordering from us, you accept that you fully understand and agree to all of the following:

We aim to please and strive to serve our customers like friends, but like everything in life, there are limits. Our main audience is of a more mature sort, at least in age, and we sometimes do use content that some people may find inappropriate for one reason or another. Some items we sell or display may be automatically considered inappropriate for certain audiences and consumers. We cannot please everyone and have no intention of trying to do so. Please use the site at your own discretion. If you are unhappy with it for any reason, please go about your business elsewhere and know that we wish you the best!

PUNKTOY is a legally-defined business. As such, we are held to numerous contracts and various specifics in regards to licensing, advertising, pricing, and more. We try very hard to keep these things in order and correct. We do collect sales tax based on our location. If you are a company, artist, license holder or any other type of entity and you see a problem with our content or methods, please notify us immediately to reach an agreement on settling the issue. Nothing we do is malicious and we attempt to settle any issues as painlessly as possible for all parties involved.

Before placing an order, the buyer agrees to the following:

The buyer assumes all responsibilities directed toward them in this documentation and website as a whole, where and when applicable by law.

The buyer agrees that they have read and fully understand the terms and details for any and every item they are purchasing.

The buyer will contact PUNKTOY for resolving any issues with orders and exhaust all possibilities before attempting any further actions.

Product weights and dimensions are NOT always exact. While they serve the basic purpose to let you know approximately how big an item is, above all, they are actually general representations meant to assist us with shipping related subjects. For example, very small items that are actually 1" x 1"x 1mm may be listed as 1" x 1" x 1".

  • Options at checkout:
    • STANDARD SHIPPING should have no unusual delays but but there will be no push to get your package out with exceptional speed. It will ship as soon as possible, regardless. These packages are uninsured by default but may include up to $50.00 of insurance coverage.
    • EXPEDITED SHIPPING will get your items packed and shipped out faster. This service includes full insurance for the actual cost of your order, not for any perceived market value. These packages ship via Priority Mail.

In the rare situation that an Expedited Shipping package is delayed on our end, you will be notified and refunded the shipping costs. This shall in no way be misinterpreted in a way that benefits you for packages delayed after they leave our possession.

You must ABSOLUTELY agree to the following when you place an order:

You or someone you have appointed or approved will be available to receive and inspect your delivered package within 12 hours of its delivery.

You or someone you have appointed or approved will inspect the delivered items for any damage received in shipping and take photos or video of any damage before opening the package.

You or someone you have appointed or approved will inspect the delivered items for any damage received in shipping and take photos or video of any damage immediately after opening the package.

Some orders will require a shipment of multiple packages. In such an event, PUNKTOY will make dedicated attempts to notify you of all corresponding tracking numbers.

If there is a problem with any item in your package, you must contact us within 24 hours of delivery to resolve the issue. (This means you have 24 hours to send an email, a direct message, or use some other verifiable form of attempted or successful contact. PUNKTOY’s time of replying does NOT count against your 24 hour window.) In some cases, photo or video evidence will be required before we can assist you further.

Resolving an issue may mean a replacement is provided to you before or after you return a defective or incorrect item to us. At our discretion, a store credit or some other method of resolving the problem(s) may be issued. If you do not verifiably attempt to contact us within 24 hours, it will be assumed that there are no problems with the item(s) at the time of delivery and your window of time to file a complaint or otherwise seek remedy has closed entirely.

If an insured package is damaged in shipping and the damage extends to the products inside, we will assist you, when necessary and/or possible, in dealing with your insurance claim via the USPS. We are unable to assist you with damaged items that were not shipped with insurance.

PUNKTOY reuses shipping materials whenever possible in order to reduce waste and keep costs down for PUNKTOY and its customers alike.

PUNKTOY does not reuse packing materials that it deems unfit for cleanliness or safe travel.

PUNKTOY has a verifiable record of safe packaging methods. Any attempt to maliciously discredit our packaging will be denied.

PUNKTOY is currently only shipping within the United States except in extraordinary circumstances.

PUNKTOY ships via USPS unless otherwise necessary. All US shipments include a tracking number and, in many cases, insurance. If the tracking number is not automatically provided to you immediately for some reason, you may request it from us and it will then be provided to you.

PUNKTOY is in no way responsible for shipping delays after a package has left our possession.

International shipping options are currently available only through direct contact and special arrangements!

All sales are considered final.

PUNKTOY does not give in to Buyer’s Remorse.

PUNKTOY does not issue refunds for any reason unless we believe it is the only possible method of handling a very specific type of situation.

Store credit or item replacement is your main option in situations that involve damaged items, incorrect items, or items that do not properly match the website description of what you purchased.

Clearance Sale items have NO OPTION for any guarantees, refunds, or replacement and any steps we take to correct a problem are solely at our discretion..

Clothing items cannot be returned under any circumstances.

If you order a clothing item (any item in a Clothing category or sub-category), the sale is absolutely final. If you are unsure about the size of a clothing item, please contact us before purchasing or make sure you have another use for the item, such as giving it to a friend, a relative, or to someone in need (we recommend the third option).

If and when you are required to return an item to us, you will do so at your own expense. All items must be packaged as safely as they were sent to you.

Always read full item descriptions for details.

New items include the following examples:

Stock delivered directly to PUNKTOY by the manufacturer, distributor, or other entity on behalf of the product brand(s).

“New Old Stock” that is not described as being in a less-than-new (As Good As New) condition.

There is no 100% guarantee on availability or arrival of unpunched cards.

We ship out the best of what is available on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

Anything we determine to be less than “As Good As New” will be specifically noted and sold as such.

All packages, no matter how new, will have some form of scuffs or other marks as soon as they are produced.

Always read full item descriptions for details.

“New Old Stock” is stock that has never been sold to the consumer. It is always new, but simultaneously old by various definitions. Some examples include:

Items we had misplaced and forgotten about until a recent taking of inventory.

Items that have been housed with more than one seller, such as stock that was deployed to a new location after burning out its run at the initial location.

Items that may have been hidden on a distributor’s shelf for months beyond its intended time before being sent to a dealer.

Items that were sold out in bulk from the original dealer to a secondary dealer for resale.

Unsold items that are out of production or which have otherwise been in store inventory for far longer than intended.

Always read full item descriptions for details.

“Pre-Owned” items include:

Any merchandise that was acquired from a non-business entity or has already been the property of at least one individual or consumer.

Merchandise that was never sold to a consumer, but is so old or has passed between so many dealers, that it cannot be labeled “New” or “New Old Stock”.

Always read full item descriptions for details.

Our “As Good As New” condition means the condition is not notably any worse than if the item were absolutely new stock.

Anything we determine to be less than “As Good As New” will be specifically noted and sold as such.

We reserve “Near-Mint” only for the most very special items in truly exceptional condition. You will never hear us claim “Mint”. We simply don’t believe in it.

Nothing is perfect.

Always read full item descriptions for details.

Always read full item descriptions for details.

New items are sold as any regular store would sell them.

We pay special attention to the condition of items we store whenever applicable.

If any item is other than “New” or “New Old Stock”, it will be listed as such, and there is an entire category for “Pre-Owned” items. If no such mention or category placement is made, it is safe to assume that the item has never been sold to a final consumer and the item is in a “New” condition.

We try to keep unpunched cards unpunched. (Unpunched means that the cardboard where the peghole is placed for hanging in-store displays has not been removed.) In fact, all of our inventory for shipping is stored bagged and/or boxed like a fine archive complete with climate control unless it is impossible to do so. However, there is no guarantee of having unpunched cards in stock, and there is no guarantee that an item will remain unpunched after we ship it to you, as shipping is often the reason a peghole punch finally breaks completely free. (Much of what we receive from distributors is already punched before they even get it sent to us.)

If you absolutely require an unpunched card, please contact us first to make sure it is available. If you purchase without making contact first, we ship out the best of what is available on a “first-come, first-served” basis. This means that unpunched or otherwise exceptional packages will go to the first buyers. Items that are in notably less than “good” condition will be sold individually, and often, but not always, with specific photographs. They will be sold as “B-Grade”, “C-Grade”, etc, as designated by us. These are a more affordable way to fill a collection or to acquire items you wish to have removed from their packages, but will not look as good as an otherwise “New” and packaged item should look for various reasons.

Our “New Old Stock” does not include “Used” items or items that were ever sold to the final consumer for actual use, display, or collecting, however, it may be out of various stages of warranty or guarantees that would otherwise apply to “New” items. Unless noted otherwise, “New Old Stock” is assumed to be in “As Good As New” condition.

In some cases, items arrive to us damaged but not badly enough for the distributor to consider it for a replacement or credit. These items are sold at a discount when allowed or otherwise sold as anything other than just “New”. However, all packages, no matter how new, will have some form of scuffs or other marks as soon as they are produced. These are due to how the items are handled by machines and humans alike, the sturdiness of the items and packaging, and overall quality of the various ingredients that go into making the item or its package. Some defects require certain angles of light to be visible. Some items look well-weathered long before they ever reach a dealer’s possession.

We do not, ever, intentionally sell a defective item without making note of its problems. This does NOT mean any and every little mark on a package is means for a complaint from the buyer. We do not receive items in true “Mint” condition, so we cannot sell items in a true “Mint” condition, as there is nearly no such thing. Minor dings, bumps, machining marks, warps, ripples, scratches, dust, and other artifacts are simply a part of the toy and collectible world. We call this “As Good As New” condition.

When considering purchasing a “Pre-Owned” item, you must contact us with any concerns before making a purchase. We will make our best effort to provide any additional information, history, notices of damage, or otherwise do what we can to make sure you are getting what you want at a price you believe is fair.

Always read full item descriptions for details.

PUNKTOY reserves the right to delay or cancel orders and/or shipping for any reason it deems necessary, including natural disasters, personal and/or personnel emergencies, suspicion of fraudulent activity, etc., until a determination has been made that business may proceed as usual. Canceled orders, if paid, will be refunded as quickly as possible. Notification of delaying or cancelling of orders will be made to the customer(s) whenever possible, by whatever means possible or necessary.

PUNKTOY will hear out customers requests to cancel orders for any reason, and shall cancel said orders if and when it is determined reasonable and/or necessary, but only before an order has shipped to the customer.

It is the customer’s responsibility to be informed before placing an order. This means reading full item descriptions, reading and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, and accepting and agreeing that you are fully competent, capable, and responsible for such actions and placing any orders.

Always read full item descriptions for details.

PUNKTOY will only buy items from a verifiable source, whether private or a business, etc.

If you are an individual wanting to sell us an item, you must have some sort of internet presence that we can use to verify who you are. This is to protect us and any investment we make.

You must be able to guarantee that any item(s) will ship out in a reasonable amount of time, that the item(s) will be packaged safely and properly insured, and that the items are exactly as described or shown to us upon their arrival.

PLEASE NOTE: As a business and “mini-museum” of certain items, we only buy items that we can resell for profit or that will fit our needs in growing the company’s collection of display items. As such, most items will not be purchased at what you consider a full market value.

For items we will use for resale, you have an option to sell something to us quickly at a discount or to wait for another buyer who will pay you more.

For items that we consider qualified for our displays, we are willing to pay what we think it is worth according to our needs and fair market value, and only if and when it is within our budget.

You are free to contact us with your offers. You will be answered as promptly as possible.

Our full Privacy Policy is available on another page. See it HERE. In short, you can trust us with your data. We do not give or sell anything to anyone legally required to do so. We protect your information as if it were our own.