Horror Business – MISFITS – Super7 ReAction


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“The Fiend”, with Horror Business artwork. Transparent-yellow clothing with white bones on red background with red shoes. As PUNKTOY has pointed out on more than one occasion and will continue to do, the figure itself is quite sensitive to certain blacklight types and looks great illuminated with one!

If your collection or gifting absolutely requires unpunched cards, please contact us to make sure they are available. Otherwise, we will send the best available item. Please note that even when we ship an unpunched card, there is a chance that the peghole will fully separate during shipping.  We cannot make guarantees on availability or whether or not unpunched cards will remain unpunched during shipping, just as there is no guarantee to dealers that inventory will ship from Super7 in unpunched condition.

PUNKTOY is an Authorized Super7 Dealer. Watermarked images not for unauthorized use or reproduction.



Made in China


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