ORIGINAL MISFITS – Official Wedgie Glow in the Dark Guitar Pick with Protective Case


(Limit ONE per order!)

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Rare, glow in the dark, 100% authentic Misfits guitar picks made by Wedgie. These are being stored in and will ship to you with a protective case as pictured. These were acquired with a lot of time, money, and patience, from a very legitimate source.

These are the official picks with The Fiend on one side and nothing printed on the other side.

We have very few of these and are not yet sure exactly how many we will be letting go of. Price is for ONE pick and ONE case! (Limit ONE per order!)

We are not suggesting that these were used by bassist Jerry Only or guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein or any other member, HOWEVER, the source of these picks puts the band in direct proximity.

WITH THAT SAID, they are not being advertised as “rehearsal”, “studio”, “concert”, “used by”, “stage used” or otherwise in a manner to insinuate that they were used by the band. These are in a very much new condition and show no signs of the typical beaten and battered pick as used by Doyle. Buy them knowing, if nothing else, that they are legitimate, official picks, exactly the same as given out by the the band at Original Misfits reunion concerts and elsewhere.

It’s not easy to give these picks up! We have a lot invested in them and we now truly do have more than our own fair share, so we’re hoping to spread these around to new homes.

The picks are stored and shipped in protective cases. We recommend using these cases for your collection if you do not already have a better way to store them. The cases may show minor signs of wear. The picks themselves may show wear of various sorts, as most picks do, even fresh from the factory. The pictures are a general representation and not necessarily of the exact pick you will receive.

The graphics may be slightly misaligned or perfectly centered on the picks. This is a side effect of mass producing and not a sign of fake merchandise.

PUNKTOY acquires some picks from various sources, including auctions, collection buy-outs, through trade with collectors, and other means. We do not and never will sell a fake or licensed pick as an original band-used item! There is never a guarantee on how many of these will be available at any given time. It may be none, it may be 100. It may be next week, it may be never again! Get them when you can!

Images watermarked with PUNKTOY logos may not be reused without permission.


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