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A very rare, official, original Misfits key chain in the shape of Doyle’s Annihilator guitar. I’ve tried for years to get exact details on how many of these were made and every method they were distributed. Thee person I got this from well over a decade ago said that they bought it from the merch table at a Misfits show, I believe in 1999. I’ve known this person for well over 25 years and have no reason to doubt it, but that does not mean the person’s memory is 100% accurate. Please keep that in mind, especially if you have information that could prove otherwise.

As for an example of how rare they are, or at least how hard they are to find, please see the screenshot of Doyle’s own Instagram post included here, from 2016, when he received one from his nephew. You can also see that Doyle has shared PUNKTOY’s own post of this exact keychain, months prior to this listing.

I do not know exactly how these were first distributed, as far as any chain or ring attachments. I do know that this particular one was used for a short while.

Please see all images and remember, all sales are final, so please make sure you are happy with the condition before purchasing!

This item includes a small case that we have used for storing and displaying the item over the years, as pictured. It is a simple, old, plastic case made for various products and nothing special, but it is better than nothing. Use it as you wish temporarily, permanently, or not at all!

Images watermarked with PUNKTOY logos may not be reused without permission.

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