Collection 2 – Clear – MISFITS – Super7 ReAction (Pre-Owned)


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Pre-Owned, with this particular figure, means pretty much any one of them that you didn’t buy directly from Super7, as these were Direct-To-Customer items!

“The Fiend”, Commemorating the limited, clear vinyl 1995 release. Collection 2 card art is a monochromatic, browned-out image of the original Crimson Ghost character. The figure is made of clear plastic with white bones over red backgrounds for the hands and face as well as red shoes.

This figure was a surprise announcement on Friday, April 23, 2021, and it was opened up for direct-to-customer orders on Wednesday, April 28, 2021. Assumed to be a special release, collectors rushed to buy this item in hopes that it would fall in line with the white Die Die My Darling and red Legacy of Brutality figures, only to be hit with the realization that they were seriously mass produced. As of September 23, 2021, these are still available directly from Super7, nearly 5 months after release.

The original shipping conditions of these items were sometimes questionable. As such, there is no guarantee on whether it will arrive to you punched or unpunched, and with or without some minor wear. Any wear that is worth noting will be specifically stated. Otherwise, expect it to be “As Good As New” according to our terms and conditions page.

If your collection or gifting absolutely requires unpunched cards, please contact us to make sure they are available. Otherwise, we will send the best available item. Please note that even when we ship an unpunched card, there is a chance that the peghole will fully separate during shipping. We cannot make guarantees on availability or whether or not unpunched cards will remain unpunched during shipping, just as there is no guarantee to dealers or direct customers that inventory will ship from Super7 in unpunched condition.

PUNKTOY is an Authorized Super7 Dealer. We also acquire these items from collectors, buyouts, and other sources whenever possible. All Pre-Owned items are listed as such!



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