Apparel Info

Want to help support our journey or just have a really cool PUNKTOY shirt because you can’t seem to win in our giveaways no matter how much you try? Head over to!!!

If you’ve been following us since the beginning or even for a handful of months, you’ll know that we distribute a lot of our shirts with customer orders or random giveaways. These particular shirts are usually made with some form of vinyl or another. We make them in-house, one at a time, in very limited numbers. They are true DIY collectibles for our return customers as well as our closest friends, fiends, and followers!

Unfortunately, making and giving away shirts is a very costly endeavor. The whole operation is limited to time, availability, and minimizing our losses. Along with that, it limits the designs we are able to give out. This was becoming more and more difficult as the shirts became more and more desired. We just aren’t able to keep up with all of the color and size options our people want from us.

We knew we had to make a change to please as many people as possible without digging our own hole any deeper. Enter DTG Printing! DTG Printing, or Direct To Garment Printing, is a badass method of literally printing on all kinds of items just like you print a sheet of paper, except more, well… badass? Here’s a preview of what you’ll see when you go there!

While our true goal would be to eventually print these items ourselves, we simply can’t get into that anytime soon. As such, we have to rely on a third party to get the job done. This comes with pros and cons.

The Good News
1. We are able to offer many more graphic styles.
2. Several color options are available for most items. Sick of our black shirts? Order a red one!
3. Pretty much all different sizes can be ordered at any time.
4. Items aside from shirts are available for many designs. PUNKTOY socks, anyone?
5. International shipping. Before launching, we had only shipped two shirts outside of the USA!
6. It’s all available 24/7. Order anytime and your item will be printed and shipped. We can take a weekend off!
7. Low cost for the buyer! We are marking those items as cheaply as possible to stay in line with what we believe is right for our clientele, no matter how much time we spend on creating and listing the designs.

The Bad News is that, well, it isn’t us. Some elements of the transaction are completely out of our hands.
1. We have no way to ensure quality control, aside from ordering our own samples and making sure that we are happy with the product.
2. Nobody is going to prepare, pack, and ship an item like we do, as fast as we do, as safely as we do, or as low cost as we do, even for Priority shipments that always cost us more than what we charge the customer.
3. Sizes on certain styles may be an inch or two too big or small for what some people expect. When in doubt, do your research!
4. Low profit for us! Again, we are marking those items as cheaply as possible to stay in line with what we believe is right for our clientele, no matter how much time we spend on creating and listing the designs. Only a small portion of the total cost is returned to us. The rest of it goes directly to the distributor/printers.

So overall, we are very excited to be offering this new line of merchandise to the world, as our usual international shipping will continue to be very, very limited.

We will continue doing our in-house designs for special purposes and shipping them out ourselves, but for those of you who want our designs almost anywhere in the world as soon as possible, is the place to go!

Please note that you will use an entirely separate checkout system, meaning if you order from, and, everything about it will be different. Separate payments, separate shipping facilities, and much different delivery times. Likewise, if you have any problems with orders or merchandise, you will need to resolve it with the distributor.