Put simply, PUNKTOY is a small business that had the guts to just go for it, right in the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Original plans to open were shattered as shutdowns began just three days before our initial setup plans were slated to launch. Startup money that had been saved for launch went instead to surviving the first three months. At that point, we said, “F**k it!!!”

The business license was acquired, contracts were signed, distributors were lined up, a social footprint was being laid down, and we went for it.

A Brick and Mortar was planned initially, but we couldn’t control everything. As such, for now, we are online only, working from a house, a garage, and some storage buildings. We try to build customer connections the same way we would if you walked into a physical store. Feel free to contact us to chat about what you see, what you want, or just to say Hello!

This all comes from a lifelong love of toys, games, and music. We’re here to share it with you. If we don’t love it, we literally don’t try to carry it. We treat every item like it’s a personal belonging, no matter how inexpensive or how long it sits in the inventory. Every item is either bagged or boxed and stored as safely as possible, then packaged as safely as possible, before we ship it out to you, yes, as safely as possible.

Let’s go!